Where’s Malcolm?

During the past two weeks, I have taken a different route on my regular weekly drive to Hobart. I have been taking the turnoff at Carrick and then going via Carrick to Cressy,  then driving through Ashbys Road and coming out at Ross. Ashby’s Road is named after the Ashby pioneers of the area. There are now five generations of the Ashby family dynasty, famous for fine wool production. See the Ashby Family homestead photo below- it is just beautiful.

The Cressy region has seen a change in the landscape in recent years with the availability of water from the Longford/Cressy Irrigation Scheme. There has been an explosion of Centre Pivot Irrigators in this region over the past decade or so.

Aside from the agricultural production, there is also amazing scenery as you basically drive along the foothills of Tumble Tor (the mountain between Cressy and the Great Lake) to the south and Ben Lomond to the North.  Next time you are on the road take a detour and support some of the small local businesses along your way.