How to Grow Rhubarb

CBD stalks and leavesAll my life I can remember Rhubarb being in our garden. I learnt to grow it from watching my Mother. Rhubarb isn’t hard to grow as long as you folow some simple steps:

  1. It prefers a Winter that is frosty and cold but likes the sun during Summer.
  2. The soil needs to pre-prepared with lots of organic matter and natural fertilizers such as Blood & Bone, Dynamic Lifter & Lime. In my experience you can’t overfeed Rhubarb.
  3. When planting your Rhubarb crown don’t plant it too deep, you should be able to see the top of the crown at ground level. Rhubarb crowns are usually planted in July/August in Australia.
  4. The general rule of Rhubarb growing is to not harvest from your plant in it’s first year to allow it to become established.


New leaves push up in Spring after Winter hybernation
New leaves push up in Spring after Winter hybernation
  1. To ensure a good harvest of Rhubarb during Summer it needs plenty of deep watering.
  2. When harvesting don’t cut the stems just pull down and sideways to remove from the plant.
  3. Don’t worry if your Rhubarb plant dies down during Winter because depending on where you are it can be normal for it to go into hybernation. In areas of heavy frost and snow this will definately happen. During Spring new leaves will start bursting through the ground.
  4. Remember to show your Rhubarb lots of love every spring by giving it plenty of organic food.